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if i got NASM certification in personal training and a lot of experience, would i be able to start my own personal training business?  if not, what would i have to do, because im going to school for computer science, but i want to start my own business to help pay for college.

I responded to your inquiry  within 48 hours after receiving it.  Apparently it did not go through to you.  I apologize for that.  In brief, here's a recap:
Yes you can. start your own business.  The question is, are you ready and able to start your own business.  And also, what kind of personal training business?  A studio where clients come top you?  Do you go to them?  Do you work at an established gym to get going in personal training? There's a lot of possibilities, and you need to decide what specifically are you interested in doing.

First thing you should consider is joining a professional fitness organization like  IDEA. Go to for information. They have an upcoming convention in July in Los Angeles on all things Personal Training.  If you're serious about working in personal training, you should get to it.

Hope this helps, and I'm glad you're interested in personal training!


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