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Hello Ken

Due to knee problem from jogging/running I'll like to ask is doing burpee (without jumping up in the end part) bad for the knees?

If so what exercise I can do to burn the fat around the waist and for fitness?

Thank you. Reply very much appreciated.



Good question!
It's hard to determine if burpees or bad for your knees...for a few reasons. I don't know what is wrong with your knees that is causing you to have "bad knees from running and jogging".  In order for anyone to give you some recommendations, it helps to provide a lot more information.  Otherwise, it's just guessing saying burpees or good or bad for you. Do your knees hurt all of the time or only when you run? When did your knees start bothering you?  Do any other activities bother your knees?  What other exercise do you currently do, and how much and for how long? Have you done burpees before?  Do you know if your knee pain was caused by an injury/accident or overuse? Has it been diagnosed what is causing the bad knees (cartilage, ligament, tendon, muscle weakness, muscle tightness, knee alignment, shoes, running surface, etc.)?

Burpees may be okay for you, but if your form is incorrect or sloppy, then it can keep your knees hurting or maybe aggravate them more. So technique is a factor as addition to whatever else you may be doing.

To burn fat, no matter where it is on your body, and type of aerobic exercise is great.  You just have to choose something that doesn't hurt your knees, or work to correct that problem so you can do activities without hurting your knees.

I'd suggest to have your knees checked out by a physical therapist or an appropriate sports-medicine physician.  Then, if you need to, work with a qualified trainer to check out your exercise form/technique to make sure you are doing things in a way that won't cause problems to yourself down the line.  It's worth it (at least once or twice) if you're serious about wanting to get/stay active without hurting yourself.

Wish I could give you a simple "good" or "bad" answer.  It's never that simple!
Hope this helps.


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