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What do you think of using one of these for conditioning? I have to avoid stress on my knees, so I sold the treadmill and got one of these. It is low impact and my knees are OK, but it doesnt seem to be much of a workout, just running on the spot and letting it push your legs up and down. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe not 'running' fast enough? Thanks!

Hi Barry,

You're not doing anything wrong necessarily. If it doesn't feel like much of a workout for you, it means you have to more work more intensely, exerting more energy.  On a mini-trampoline, it doesn't mean just running faster.  Because of the compliant surface, that may not be as easily accomplished as on a treadmill or regular running.  Try lifting your knees higher in front of you - that takes a lot more effort than jogging with your feet low or slightly in back of you.  Also, search for videoclips of mini-trampoline workouts, or get some DVD trampoline workouts to give you ideas of different moves you can do on it.  There's more than just jogging you can do.

Hope your knees are feeling better.  Did you try walking on your treadmill instead of running, especially walking on an incline?


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