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QUESTION: sir,which kind of propellant  are mostly used in morden rockets? In point hybrid propellant are efficejt over others its right?

ANSWER: Sorry Mugesh, I worked mostly in aeronautics. My only rocket experience was with the Space Shuttle which burned hydrogen and oxygen. Those are very difficult fuels to work with because of the need to keep liquid hydrogen cold. At NASA we did research on solid fuel rockets, fuels that were a lot like paraffin, very stable and energetic, but I can't say if they are used in practice because of the difficulties of getting an even burn.


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QUESTION: Sir,recently nasa has announced there are 4 planets had water source its true?what are the planet?can you explain briefly?

In our solar system I only know of Earth and Mars as planets that have or had water. There is speculation that a moon of Jupiter (?) might have frozen water. NASA has detected water in the atmosphere of several planets outside our solar system. You can go to Wikipedia to get the names. Search on 'planets with water'.

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