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Dear Sir,

I would like your suggestion on opportunities for aerospace post graduates who have a degree from a foreign university with minimum years work experience (2 years) in India.

I have been looking out for opportunities and attending many interviews for a while now. But i face lots of problems in the expectations and requirements of the companies. My field of education is focused on flight dynamics and controls. Since you are a professional with vast experience in this filed i would like to ask your suggestion that would be very valuable for my career.

My question is most of the Indian aerospace companies require and look for aerospace engineers with experience in avionics, embedded systems, software development(C,C++), testing,verification and validation domain. I did not have them in my syllabus in detailed. This is creating a problem in getting a job exactly to what i have studied in the private sectors. But if i have to go to government sector there are opportunities. but its very hard to get with minimum experience like mine.

I would like to know whether doing certifications or some short term courses in avionics, embedded and software development be beneficial for private Indian aerospace jobs or experience in this is mandatory? I would be very thankful if you could enlighten me on this topic. I thank you for taking time to read my message.

Thanks and regards

Hi, now a days, it is a trend to expect engineers to be multi taskers.

So, private sectors due to economic recession, are selective, in choosing
Its employees. Also, due to stiff competition they are searching excuses for
Filtering aspiring emplyees/ new candidates.

Employers today expect technical knowledge, software skills and soft skills
Hence, you better do some software certificate courses, to beat the
Competition & get into good competion.

Wish you good luck.

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