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Hello Paul! I am Edward, and I am trying to reach you is because I am researching people in the career of an Aerospace Engineer. I found you from a recommendation from my teacher , and if you may, please try to answer the 10 following questions about an Aerospace engineer.
1) Why did you choose this line of work?
2) Did you plan on this being your career? Why or why not?
3) What qualities do you look for in an aerospace engineer?
4) What do you enjoy about your job? What do you dislike about your job?
5) When did you decide this would be your career?
6) What type of person do you believe would excel at this job?
7) What college would you recommend to go to if you wished to have a job like this?
8) What is one of the downsides to this job?
9) What kind of education do you believe is necessary for becoming an aerospace engineer?
10) Where would you go to work as an aerospace engineer?

1. I enjoyed solving physics problems in high school and decided engineering was the kind of challenge I wanted. Airplanes and the science of flight excited me so I went into aero.
2. I interviewed at several companies and decided NASA was the most interesting job.
3. Someone who is good and math and science, gets along with people, and is curious about how things work in a fundamental way.
4. I am now retired. At NASA I enjoyed research into new technologies by conducting experiments and using theoretical methods. The only downside was bureaucratic road blocks and team building exercises.
5. In 1966.
6. See 3.
7. College selection is a complex issue that depends on too many factors to discuss here. There are many good engineering schools in the U.S. Start visiting websites. I always recommend a look at my alma mater - U. of Washington - Seattle.
8. See 4.
9. As much math and science as possible. English skills are a real plus. Computer technology would be very helpful.
10. I would visit some of the giant aerospace companies, and then visit some small ones to see which one gives me the best challenge, independence, and satisfaction. Location is also important.

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