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Hi, I am filming some windsurfing, high speed straight line (about 25-30 knots)
I want to mount a Gopro from the tip of the mast, on some kite line, so it follows behind and slightly downwind (relative wind). I was planning on using something similar to a kite tail to give it stability once up to speed. The line will be about 4m long. Do you think this will work ok? Maybe some kind of drogue would work better, or maybe 2 line attachment points, the mast tip will flick around quite a bit, I hope the line will absorb a lot. I basically want a steady shot from a good full angle, like being followed by a remote airplane stuff. Any ideas from someone like you, I'll also let you see the footage when I get some in the next few days.. Cheers!

Hi Bill - That is a really tough question. Kite tail or drogue will generate drag that will help keep your camera airborne in the wind direction if there is some lift on the system. But if the mast is flicking around, the camera will also unless there is some kind of vibration absorbing link in the line. That would require some experimental evaluation. A flexible link would absorb some of the vibration, but damping would be needed to prevent yo-yo oscillation. The only aero thing I can think of like this is the design of in-flight refueling lines. You might take a look at that on line. Good luck.

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