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sir, i wanted  to know  the  difference between aerospace and aeronautics  and which  one  has better  career  prospects?

From an engineering career point of view, aerospace and aeronautics are almost synonymous. In the early days of flight aeronautical engineers designed aircraft. When the space program began, many companies decided to change their names to aerospace companies even though 99% of the work was still air related. So the aerospace engineer was created. Technically, an aerospace engineer studies flight in air and space. And an aeronautical engineer studies flight in air. In engineering schools, 95% of aerospace studies concern air related physics. So to make a long story short, it doesn't matter which title or field you choose. An aeronautical engineer can easily learn about rocket dynamics and orbital mechanics. An aerospace engineer should know a lot about flight in air. The career prospects are almost identical. I would take which ever opportunity came along - aerospace or aeronautics. Technically, aerospace engineering is a slightly larger career path than aeronautical engineering. But the differences are unimportant.


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