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Radius of earth 6,371,000 meters + 400,000 meters up to ISS orbit height = 6771000 meters distance from earth barycenter into space (weightlessness).

Fg =  G x mass earth x 1 kg  /  6771000^2

Fg = .0000000000667384 x 5972190000000000000000000  /  45846441000000  =  8.69368257 Newtons

8.69368257 Newtons  =  .886508904122242 Kilograms

I don't think a 1 kg ball up in space near the ISS feels like it weighs .88 kilograms, do you ? ?


Weight vs distance from earths center
Weight vs distance fro  
Your calculations are correct.

Often people confuse the force of gravity with free fall.
Lets consider someone who ways 100Kg.
A skydiver in ***accelerated*** free fall does not not feel any gravity but they would
still have 100kg of pull on them and thats why they would continue to accelerate.

The height of ISS is 330km  and the radius to the center of the earth is 6,370km so the increase in the height of ISS is only 1/20 of the earths radius - a rather insignificant amount. If ISS where to suddenly stop it's orbital speed and hover over a point in space; indeed a 100kg person would weigh 88kg or about 90% of the body weight if they were standing on earth.

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