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figured out what this thing is,[pneumatic gyro,[like the one on you tube]now I would like to now what it is used for and how . Can you help with the answer ?

A spinning gyroscope has rotational inertia that causes it to maintain its orientation if allowed to spin freely. So they are used in aircraft or ships or missiles as a reference. If an aircraft pitches or rolls or yaws, the gyroscope(s) will indicate how much pitch or roll was created. If the gyroscope is fixed to something, any change in orientation will cause a reaction force from the gyroscope that can also be used to indicate vehicle rotation. Just like if you spun a bicycle front wheel off the ground and turned the handle you would feel a resistance from the gyroscopic action. So the short answer to your question is that gyroscopes are used to control vehicle motion by  sensing any change in moment (pitch, roll or yaw).


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