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Aeronautical Engineering/Profile characteristics of fuselage, tail and control surfaces out of wing data and some airfoil data


Hello, I'm making this R.C. aircraft, and haven't really moved to the making process -still in the theoretical part-.
I'm using:
these online calculators:,
the C++ language MAT.LAB.  application (lifting line theory code) to determine the profile characteristics of the wing.
and a portable program that computes aerodynamics of 2-D gliders.

Provided data of the airfoil of the wing, flap chord and flap span and the N.A.C.A. airfoil number, how can I can find:
the airfoil characteristics of the tail (such as shape and L.E. radius of each of the horizontal stabilizer, the vertical stabilizer, the elevator and the rudder),
the airfoil characteristics (e.g. shape and L.E. radius, ...) of the aileron and the flap.
and the airfoil characteristics of the fuselage (e.g. shape and L.E. radius)
I know there are theories and formulas for this stuff, I just need approximate/standardized and practical methods, applications or online calculator.

Thank you

Short of studying aerodynamics, you might get by using the following references:

Theory of Wing Sections: Including a Summary of Airfoil Data (Dover Books on Aeronautical Engineering); Ira H. Abbott, A. E. von Doenhoff


Good luck.


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