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How does the transmission system look like in push-pull aircrafts? Do they have two engines? Do they have one gear and have one shaft that connects the two propellers? Do they have one engine with two different transmission gears and with two different shafts that each is connected to each propeller? Do the two propellers have the same size? How are propellers, gears, engines, shafts in push-pull aircrafts connected?

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Although one engine driving a push-pull propeller system has been attempted, most configurations rely on two engines, one ahead of the other. Thus, the transmissions and drive shafts are independent. The propellers don't have to be the same size but usually are. The problem with this design is that the aft propeller operates in the disturbed wake of the forward propeller, which causes extra vibration and noise not to mention the difficulty in accelerating air that has already been accelerated.

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