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Dear Paul,
 I am doing a project for my school career class. I needed to contact someone who has been or is an aerospace engineer. I understand that you have some expertice in that field. I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer a few questions.
1. How long were you an aerospace engineer?
2. How did you decide to become one?
3. Financially, did you live the way you preferred?
4. If not, why and what did you do about it?
5. What rewards did you experience being one?
6. What sacrifices did you make?
7. What kind of commitment did it take in terms of: Education, Energy/Endurance, and Perseverance?
8. If you had to go through life again, would you choose that career again?
9. Why or Why not?

1. Once an engineer, you are one for life. I worked professionally for 38 years not counting 8-10 years part time as a consultant after my time with NASA.
2. I chose engineering after becoming enchanted by high school physics.
3. Yes
5. Financial rewards and professional recognition from my peers and associates
6. Hard work
7. 7-8 years of engineering school including graduate studies
8. Yes
9. I enjoyed it very much.

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