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I design tensile fabric structures with knitted fabric that is quite porous (permeable to wind and rain +/_ 35%) but am forced to use it in  calculations as a 100% solid membrane. Is there a ASTM test already available for testing the sieve factor of fabric . ( I have tried and could not find any). but have to ask . Do you a facility in mind that can test the wind pass through,or sieve factor of a fabric mesh .
Thank you in anticipation

Dennis - This is a little outside my experience, but I found in my Fluid-Dynamic Drag book by S. Hoerner a couple of sections discussing the drag and pressure drop of both 1) porous materials such as screens and fabrics mounted across ducts and 2) porous parachutes. He gives theoretical equations and experimental data acquired in various wind tunnels. Almost any wind tunnel should be capable of measuring what you want, but I suspect it is much cheaper to use small test rigs such as are described in ASTM spec D737-96. I didn't buy that spec, so I don't know what the test rig looks like. I also found links to various test labs by googling 'testing labs for porous material' (using Duck Duck Go search engine). The lab at Porous Materials Inc in New York looks promising. Good luck.


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