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In general is it a tough balance between the powersource, propellers, as well as the frame work and the force needed to lift all those items off the ground against their own weight? I wanted to 3D print a raft type helicopter thing controllable remotely but don't know how heavy or light things would need to be and how much force they'd need to run a custom designed propellors.

New designs of models and full sized aircraft are usually based off the design of an existing working aircraft. I would suggest you take a working existing model and make several small changes to it, until you get a working new design. This type of re-engineering is call "proof of concept". In other words, you start with something that is not exactly what you want but proves the changes you want to make will work.

In your case, I would suggest a model of the correct size and weight that already has the power train and rotor designed, then work off that.

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