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Is Marble flooring allowed on Airports runways?.


ANSWER: There are no restrictions that I am aware of on any type of flooring. In colder climates such as Anchorage, Alaska (I used to work there - carpet is used near entrances to prevent water, snow or ice on someones shoes from causing a slip or fall. A Google search for "Airport Marble Floors" shows many contractors displaying pictures of their work around the world in prestige's airports.

See this link for an example:

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This is specific to marble flooring for runways Where planes land and Depart.

If allowed, will you recommend it for runways?.

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There are no restrictions that I am aware of but I would not expect anyone to ever do it. Surfacing a runway with a slick material would most likely lead to law suits. Regular runways often have groves sliced into them to help roughen them. The one exception is perhaps a corporate jet loading area.

Marble would not be good for taxi or runways because it is very slick when wet or snow is on it. The second issue is the extreme pressure exerted during a landing. It would be possible to cement it securely to the top of a concrete surface but when an airplane wheels touch, the screeching you hear is partly because water in the rubber is being converted to steam - the "smoke" from wheels touching is about 1/2 burnt rubber and 1/2 steam. The wheels skid (skip) on this steam for a second or two before settling on the concrete.

If a corporation where to use marble for the loading area, they run the risk of a wind blowing or skidding the airplane while it is waiting. When I worked in Anchorage, Alaska there was a large airliner blown into the ditch every few years - just sitting on the ramp! And yes, we even had 747 blown into ditches.

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