what are the three classifications of the aviation/aerospace industry?

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Normally, the three classifications of aerospace MANUFACTURING ARE AS FOLLOWS:

A.  Civil:  This includes the manufacturing of general aviation, airline and other aircraft for civilian use;

B.  Military:  This includes the manufacturing of aircraft, missles and other aerospace equipmment for military use (use by the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, etc. ;and,

C.  Space:  This includes manufacturing for both NASA (government-related space programs) and for private companies who are venturing into space.

Another separate classification of segments of aviation includes the following FOUR classifications of aviation:

A. Aviation and Aerospace Manufacturing;

B.  Airlines

C.  General Avition (all flying except that done by the airlines or the military); and,

D.  Government aviation (the Federal Aviation Administration, the NTSB, the TSA, the state avaition organizations, local airports, etc).

Overall, the above four segments employ about 2.0 million people.


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