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QUESTION: hi sir,
     i am doing my in aeronautical engineering and i am interested in MBA in aviation after my graduation, i would like to know the pros and cons if i do MBA in Aviation management

ANSWER: Dear Chandra:

It is nice to hear from you, I will try to assist.

By the nature of your question, I am assuming that you are either going to pursue an MBA in Aviation Management or go on for some sort of masters degree in the Engineering field (such as a Master of Science in Aero Engineering, etc).

A basic part of this issue has to do with what interests YOU most in terms of the subject matter.  That is, if you are interested in the design and technical side of aviation/aeronautical topics, then, it might be best to stay with Aeronautical Engineering.  I find that, with my students here at Southern Illinois University, their passion for the subject matter (whatever academic major that they are in) has a lot to do with their success in the academic coursework (and in the field that they enter).

In any case, the PROS of an MBA in Aviation Management are:

1.  This degree is focused on the management, or people side, of aviation/aeronautics, so, this degree would supplement or complement your in aeronautical engineering.  That is, you would have a nice "mix" of both a technical, aero engineering background, and, then, a more business or management background (but, with both degrees focused on aviation).

2.  The MBA in Aviation Management would have coursework to introduce you to some of the management issues and problems facing aviation---regulatory, legal, labor relations, corporate planning and the like.  These are topics not normally dealt with in a program;

3.  An MBA program has a natural focus on a higher level of position--more of a management or supervisory position, than what you might get with a degree; and,

4.  Depending on the program that you select, most MBA programs have some sort of placement process for their graduates--with a focus on management and business types of positions--this can be perceived as an advantage for many students.  Make sure you ask about placment programs when you enquire about admission.

The CONS of an MBA in Aviation Management are:

1.  You will have to "switch gears" to transition from the program to the MBA program, in terms of the subject matter covered.  The MBA program is, of course, going to require a totally different focus in terms of the type of material covered in class.

2.  Most MBA programs typcially has PRE-REQUISITE coursework that you must take as a pre-cursor to the program itself---coursework in accounting, finance, management and the like.  So, it might require a commitment of time and money prior to the actual start of the MBA coursework itself.

3.  Cost:  Many MBA programs have a higher tuition rate than is typical for other graduate degrees.  So, make sure you ask about the tuition costs.

Those are the key pros and cons that I can think of.

I wish you the very best in your pursuit of a graduate degree.


David A. NewMyer, Ph.D., Professor and Chair
Aviation Management and Flight
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you sir for the above information
i am really interested in MBA in aviation management so can u please suggest me with some universities in USA as i have average academic percentage .

Hi, Again:

Some of the universities that have the MBA in Aviation in the USA are:

1.  Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida (both on their main campus and via on-line);

2.  Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida;

3.  Dowling College, Oakdale, New York;

4.  Daniel Webster University, Nashua, New Hampshire; and,

5.  University of Tennessee at Knoxville, TN.

There are a few universities that offer masters degrees in other topic areas related to aviation, including:


1.  Southern Illinois University Carbondale

2.  University of Nebraska at Omaha


1.  Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana

2.  Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

I hope that this information helps!

Best wishes to you,

David A. NewMyer


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