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Turn and slip indicator indicate which of the following
a. Aircraft lateral altitude during cruise and level flight
b. Slip or slid
c. Rate of turn
d. All

I do not help with home work questions but gladly answer technical questions. If you had read my answer to the first T&B question you should be able to answer this one. I do not like multiple questions because the answers are based on the learning materials. Wording can be confusing. Example: in the first question the use the word erection device. Back in my days it was called a caging device. In this present question the word slip and slid do not mean the same exactly the same thing. Also the work slip does not mean the same as applied to the aircraft maneuver. You slip off the curb is a momentary function. In aircraft terms it is a sustained condition effecting the T&B differently.
That is the reason I do not answer home work questions. So I will not be answering your questions. But I needed to respond to explain my reasons for not doing so. BTW One of the answers to the question can be confusing can you tell me which one? And why?


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