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Aerospace/Aviation/Health Insurance Certificate for International Flight Travel.


Dear D. Norkus

Do you feel Health Insurance Certificate should be made compulsory for both passengers traveling on International and Domestic flights ?.

I Feel Medical Fitness Certificate is compulsory on International flights.
Is it because of a Longer flight journey duration on International flights while in domestic flights the journey time is comparatively less ?.

Also do you feel at least one Medical Practitioner / Doctor should be available on both International and Local aircraft flight Board in case of emergencies ?.

This facility / service will be provided by individual aircraft carriers/operators and the cost of the passenger ticket should not have a increase in fare.

So, before the flight takeoff, announcements will be made indicating additional medical doctor availability on aircraft board to the passengers.

This service will provide more comfort level zone for the passengers on aircraft board.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar


While it sounds like a good idea in theory, as a step to keep ill people out of an enclosed tube and possibly making others sick, I don't see it ever happening. It could never guarantee perfectly healthy passengers anyway. It takes a few days for a virus or cold to develop and the person could board while they aren't really 'sick' yet.

Having a doctor on board in another thing that is impractical for the airlines- the amount of times medical attention is necessary compared to the number of flights flown would never justify the cost. Quite often there are passengers on board that have the qualifications. (In the past decade I've had only 2 medical situations on my flights and both times there were nurses or doctors as passengers.) Also, what aid that can be given on board is very limited. Flight attendants are no longer allowed to dispense even asprin as it could worsen some conditions.

Your questions about medical topics on board are of benefits to passengers who MIGHT use such services. However, from a financial standpoint it would add extra costs the airlines have no desire to cover, especially for the amount of times they would statistically be used.

Regards, D.  


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