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Is Parachute Operation Training offered as a part of Professional Pilot Training Program ?.

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Is Parachute Operation Training offered as a part of Professional Pilot Training Program ?.

No, it is not part of any pro pilot program.

Perhaps military pilot training but no civilian pilot training program has any parachute training. It is considered an extreme sport or hobby.

That said, there are some pilots on a commercial track that begin training in an aircraft that requires a parachute. However, that doesn't mean the pilot will ever get any training beyond a verbal briefing on how to use it. Commercial pilots flying for a drop zone are required to wear parachutes, even if they never intend to use them. Even with a briefing on how to utilize one, an actual jump could go terribly awry. People who do an Accelerated Freefall Course, so they can jump without going tandem, are assisted in free fall by jumpmasters who go part of the way with their student. They also have radios to coach the student whil under canopy on the descent. Even if a skydiver gets out of the airplane and the chute deploys, there are still malfunctions that can occur. Thus solo skydiving requires much training. It is NOT a grab and go event by any means.


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