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Hi I am planning to qualify in ASEP Incose Certification course, I have documents of INCOSE materials, I have moderate experience in system engineering. How can i prepare myself to successfully clear this tests. I am reading materials, is it enough to clear this tests? or shall i do something more than that? Kindly could you please guide me to attain the INCOSE certification?

All I can say is that you need to have a copy of the latest handbook to make sure that there are not any questions related to the updated revisions. In this world of fast changing engineering what you know today is no longer valid tomorrow. Unfortunately I do not know of any companies selling copies of the last tests or pretest coaching. Except online companies offering courses to prepare you for the test that you can contact yourself.
My only advice is that you can never be too prepared for a test. There is always that one question you cannot answer.  


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