I was talking to this engineer yesterday and he said that aeroplanes always fly at a certain altitude as otherwise they at the 'next curve' of the earth the plane could keep going straight and go away from earth?? Does this make sense? Is this right? sounds a bit wack to me. What about gravity? and escape velocity.

Also, would you say this person is a bit below average in terms of intelligence?

Is what they're saying a bit laughable?

ANSWER: Absolutely ridiculous! He is no engineer, if he was serious.

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QUESTION: He is asking then why do pilots adjust altitude

Do you know any pilots in New Zealand? I hope you do so that you can ask them the question. The engineer to whom you were speaking was pulling your leg, if he is indeed an engineer.He probably was ready to ask you to find ten meters of flight line!

Do you live near an airport? If so, go watch the airplanes taking off and landing. It will immediately become self-evident why pilots adjust altitude. No pilot could fly over Mt Snowden without adjusting his altitude.

Pilots flying from Christchurch to Auckland are required by air traffic control to adjust altitude several times enroute.


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