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According to the aviation rules, laws & regulations, Are Private owned airplanes, helicopters allowed to land on international or domestic airports ?.

Special cases for private aircraft emergency landing on international and domestic airports can be considered as clauses in aviation laws ?.

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All aircraft except ultra-lights and LSA have the same right to an airport as long as the pilot has a private license or better. A person with a experimental 1 seat aircraft has just as much right to any civilian air port as a Boeing 747 with 400 passengers.

Any aircraft declaring an emergency or low fuel is given priority over other aircraft regardless of size or number of people on board. A single seat experimental aircraft has priority over a 747 regardless of the the airport type.

Ultra-lights and LSA aircraft with pilots holding a "sport" pilots license are prohibited from entering the area around busy airports - there airplanes are too slow and the pilots have not received the special training needed for busy airports. If they declared an emergency, they would be allowed to land but would risk having their flying privileges taken from them.

The only difference between an "International" airport and others is that the International is a "port of entry" meaning that it is served by customs officers. There are many very tiny dirt strip airports that are "International" because an aircraft can land and customs will drive to the airplane - sometimes the custom officer arrives from their home after being notified by phone.


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