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In a International commercial flight one hour before departure the pilot or copilot reports unwell, sick due to fever, cold, viral or bacterial infection etc.

1. The Flight is cancelled informing the passengers.
2. The Flight is delayed and the flight takes off after the pilot or copilot becomes well informing the passengers.
3. A Backup Pilot or Copilot (who either is unwell) is called by the
airlines carrier and the Flight takes off informing the passengers.

Which among the above three is the aviation rule does the airline carrier follows for the above scenario ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Phashant - Each airline will have written procedures to handle that situation.
Most airlines have flight crews on a standby basis.
When Flight crews are on standby they have to be within a certain distance of the airport so they can be at the airport within a certain amount of time, established by the airline.
The flight probably would not be cancelled, only delayed and the passengers would probably be informed they are waiting on a flight crew to arrive.
In the United States there is also flight and duty time that has to be taken into account.
Regards, Wayne


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