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I am currently  doing a conceptual project of upgrading a Bae 146 to a aerial refuelling tanker using a Hose and Drogue system. Do you know what the required systems/avionics would be to operate this system?

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I have no experience with aircraft refueling but would venture comment. The only thing that would be needed in avionics is a setting of the autopilot controls to lock on to the fuel chute. To explain my thought. Autopilot gain controls need to be based on the aircraft's configuration. Flight director knows when the airplanes configuration changes so that the increases or decreases the gain accordingly. For example when the flaps are lowered and the aircraft is closed to the runway the autopilot needs to fly the aircraft with tighter control.
Sorry I have cannot be of further help. Fueling in the air is like trying to thread a needle while riding on a country road in a pickup. As they say this is over my pay grade.


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