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why airplane  has to take  a longer path to cross Atlantic ?  Why  it cannot travel in straight line from London to New York instead going up north to Iceland and coming down south over Canada to reach New York ?

Since I am not a world travel, not really qualified to give your the best answer. However I do know that is important to have the most radar control as possible for a save flight. The route will also vary depending on the time of the year to gain the best air currents to benefit you. Professional routes are determined by experts that study the weather and best radar coverage.
If I may be facetious, to travel in a straight line from New York To London would require that you go under the ocean. The lines on a map may be straight but the lines of latitude between two points are arcs. I do not know if you are aware that there are websites that allow you to track airlines enroute in real time. The benifit of having constant radar coverage.
During my wife's trip to New York from Florida I could see where her plane was every minute of the time in the air. This also applies to flights to and from Europe Got to to witness this.


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