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Dear David

Can there be more than one pair of Rotor blades in a Helicopter?.

If yen, what are the advantages or disadvantages?.


Hi, Prashant:

There are several models of helicopters with more than one set of rotor blades, most notably the CH 46 Sea Knight, the CH-47 Chinook, as well as some Russian examples.   The CH-46 and Ch-47 are "tandem" mounted twin rotors (one in front of the other) whereas some other designs have twin rotors mounted one on top of the other....

Also, there has been an evolution to the Bell/Boeing V-22 Twin "Tiltrotor," which is a cross between an aircraft (when the rotors are tilted forward) and a helicopter (when the rotors are moved to an upright position).  The V-22 shows a real advantage in terms of both the size of the "lift" and its forward speed, when compared to typical helicopters.

I hope that this helps!

David A. NewMyer


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