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Dear Marc

Is it possible to provide Electronic Security Lock for Aeroplane Ignition system startup with a password?.


Anything is possible. Must consider that the switch is not only for the ignition as you put but also power for the starter as well as other function. Now my expertise is with general aviation so small aircraft can be started with the ignition switch. Airplanes with magneto ignition only need the ground wire removed from it and the engine can be started by hand. While I will not get in depth with magnetos. The standard magnetos have a delayed coupling. that hold back the rotation until critical time. Then the spring snaps the armature quickly to give a good spark to start the engine Once it rotates quickly a centrifugal force removes the delay feature. That ground wire I spoke of is what shorts out the magneto to stop the engine. In commercial aircraft with jet engine presents a different problem. In either case your password protected system can be easily hacked. People can now get into keyless cars so every system has it's weakness.
Locks only keep out honest people.  


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