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Dear David

Is it possible to provide Electronic Security Lock for Aeroplane Ignition system startup with a password?.


Dear Prashant:

Most smaller, single engine aircraft already have an ignition lock in place.  The security of the ignition keys themselves is sometimes an issue, particularly in a flight school.  So, in addition, most smaller aircraft have a door lock and some also have locked "tie down" chains or ropes that provide additional aircraft security.   On some of the older twin engine piston aircraft, there is no ignition key but one has to know the start-up procedure for the aircraft.  Even so, most of these aircraft have door locks and most have locked tie-downs.

The larger the aircraft, the more sophisticated the security on these aircraft will be, including locked cockpit doors, as well as complex start-up procedures (no ignition system, per se, but, there is a sequence of steps needed to provide fuel to the engines and being the start up procedure for the turbine engines).  In addition, there are complex taxiing/movement procedures.  Airlines are responsible to providing security for their aircraft (and the ramp areas around them) and, in addition, airports are responsible for security of the airport overall.

I hope that this information helps.


David A. NewMyer


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