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Dear David

Do Pilot Flying Licence is expired after a certain term period and has to be renewed by the Pilot?.


Dear Prashant:

Each country will have somewhat different rules on this subject.  With regard to the U. S. rules, only Student Pilot Certificates expire:  These expire 24 months after issuance.   While other pilot licenses do not necessarily expire, they do have medical examination requirements and/or pilot experience "currency" requirements, or both.  For example with an Air Transport Pilot Certificate, some require both an annual, or every six month, simulator flight check/currency check AND a medical check.  For a Private Pilot Certificate, is a currency check with a flight instructor every 24 months, and, so forth.

So, to summarize, the answer to this question depends on the nation that issues the pilot's license AND also the specific rules for each class or type of license.

I hope that his helps.

Best wishes,

David A. NewMyer, Ph.D.


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