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I have a strange question for you and am just looking for your opinion. I am a 43 year old male who has idiopathic neuropathy.  It is a very painful condition where the nerves in your extremities start to die.  Long story short, my Neurologist started me on pain medication about two years ago.  Today when I went to pick up my prescription refill he requested that I give a urine sample (which they do sometimes) just to make sure you are taking the medication and that you are not using "illegal" narcotics. I was called in by a secretary and brought into a bathroom where she gave me a plastic cup to urinate into. She then proceeded to stand next to me to make sure I was urinating into the cup. I had a very hard time trying to "pee" while a woman I never met before made sure my penis was in the cup and the urine was coming from me and not some diversion. This has never happened to me before.  I can't imagine that if it was a female giving the urine a male secretary would be allowed into the bathroom alone with the woman to watch her urinate. This happened in Connecticut and am just wondering what your thoughts are on the issue.  Thank you for your time.

Hello Paul,

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It appears that you are in a very uncomfortable situation and it should be addressed.  Unless the secretary is certified to do medical procedures which this is, then I would object to her presence in the bathroom.  It appears to be not kosher.  I understand that there are "duties as required" in any job description but this is going beyond that parameter.  First I would bring this to the attention of the physician and tell him that you are uncomfortable with this scenario.  If he gives a valid reason such as the person is qualified to do so such as a certified alcohol and drug counselor or other medical designation that allows for monitoring, then you could request a male.  If this is not sufficient I would send a letter to the Connecticut Medical Board of Examiners and ask for their opinion on this.  It just does not feel right to me and if it was me, I would object to a secretary viewing my testing in this way.

The Connecticut Law Drug-Free Workplace Act states:  31-51w. Drug testing: Observation prohibited. Privacy of results.(a) No employer or employer representative, agent or designee engaged in a urinalysis drug testing program shall directly observe an employee or prospective employee in the process of producing the urine specimen.Collection of urine specimens must allow individual privacy unless there is reason to believe that a particular person may alter or substitute the specimen. If specimen collection is directly observed by a non-medical person, the person must be of the same gender.


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