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Good morning, Bernard,

I appreciate your time.  Another priest and I will be visiting Ghana this spring (late May) for two weeks (also briefly Kenya and Togo) and I am asking in general what are your suggestions.  We are going to be hosted by a family known to the other priest here in the U.S.  
Do we need separate visas for Kenya and Togo as well?  Any percautions you suggest?  What about bringing a gift for the host family?
Also, would you mind telling me which side of the plane one should sit to see Africa from the air for the first time?  We're flying into Accra.
Thanks very much!
Fr. J. Dietrich

Fr. Dietrich,

Yes you will need visas for all the countries you'll be visiting and you should get them while you're in the US. As for gifts, since Ghanaians, Togolese, and Kenyans are all fairly poor, any gifts will be appreciated by the host families - Africans generally prefer gifts of cloths. That is a few yards of materials will go a long way for them.

As for which side of the plane... I don't remember that the plane really banks on approach to Accra so either side should be fine. In reality, there's really not much to see as everything is grey.

Good luck and enjoy your time in Africa.


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