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I am writing an essay on the source of legitimacy of leadership in the Mali Empire using information mostly from the book Sundiata. The only solid idea I have come up with is "destiny". The only other idea I came up with was "the ability of a leader to prolong the memory of the civilization", but that is just a good quality of a leader, not as source of legitimacy. It is not about good attributes of leaders, it's very specifically about source of legitimacy.

Hello Spencer,

It would be much simpler to research the illegitimacy of the so called British Monarchy then to suggest that the great Malian leadership is somehow illegitmate because you have reach an impasse. The great Historian Dr. Ivan VanSertima's book " they came before Columbus" could be a source of help to you. Also, contact my dear friend and brother Dr. Runoko  Rashidi of the Global African Network for further sources. if you are unable to get what you need through these suggestions. Then feel free to contact me for further assistance.

Thank you for the inquiry

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