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Aging/muscle weight?


Getting back to my last question, I am still making progress slimming down-I have gone from a 42 to a 39 waist. However, the scale doesnt reflect that and shows a three pound loss.
I am aware that fat is lighter than muscle, and I am fairly muscular especially in the 'big'  muscles from doing squats and presses.
Losing the belly is nice but I am finding the extra muscle weight slows me down in sports. They called me 'freight train' last week when I played soccer with a group much younger than me-I kept up with them but it takes me a while to get some speed-and forget the fast starts and stops!
Is there a way to reduce some of the muscle as well as fat? Also, I enjoy working out, but should I skip the weights and go for long steady state cardio instead? Thanks again for your great advice!

Yep, looks like you already answered your own question Bud.

Quit weights, hit cardio.  Maybe do weight training once or twice/week I would say :)

After only a couple weeks you should see a significant weight reduction in your muscle mass.  Not a bad problem to have really, but I understand.


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