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Aging/Desire for playing sports


I am 54. I have no major health issues, apart from being moderately overweight.
I used to be a weekend warrior, playing slow pitch, spoccer, and hockey.
I seem to have lost interest in playing these sports in the last few years. I still enjoy watching them.
I have tried to get back the 'fire in my belly' by going out and kicking a ball around, and I just got back from the rink. Although the ability is still there, although somewhat diminished, the desie to join a team is mostly gone.
Is this common to a guy my age? I am not depressed, and in fact I am quite content to just kick back and read books during my off time. That is something I havent enjoyed doing for a long time.
The possibilty of injuring myself is always on my mind,in fact I am just now getting over a torn ACL from soccer two years ago.
I have heard that participation in team sports for men drops off after age fifty, and the couple times I did go out to play soccer and hockey with a people from work-I work for a big outfit over 1000 people-I was the oldest guy there.
I am quite happy taking it easy, and I still enjoy working out at home on my elliptical and lifting weights. I just want some confirmation that it is normal-or not- for a guy my age to lose interest in actually plying team sports.
Thanks and happy new year!

Hey Barry,
I appreciate your inquiry and willingness to explore the limits and potential boundaries of your physical health and performance output.

There are a couple of issues to address here:

The first is, how much do we want to believe and give our power away to any potential studies?  I'll tell you what, if I had listened to 'studies' about what is and is not possible for a person given 'xyz' circumstances I would have never achieved the things in life (with my body) that I did.  Genetically I was born jaundice, weak and pale.  In 9th grade we had a physical endurance test to test the strength of all the kids in the school.  One such test was the pull up bar, how many pull ups could we do?  For the life of me I can't figure out why they did this test, but I spit and I kicked, and I couldn't get one.  Not one single pull up.  Worse, it was in front of the entire 9th grade PE class.  Ultimate humiliation lol!  I went on to be able to do sets of 16-20 pullups with 2 45lb plates strapped to myself. Out of control strength.  But, statistically, I should not have been able to do that.

20 years ago I was told by many of my relatives (close ones!) that by the time I was 30 I would quit lifting weights and be like everyone else.  Well, here I am at 41 still hitting it 6 days a week.  False again.

Don't get me wrong, I've had some crazy, life altering injuries.  But, nothing, no one, and definitely no studies or statistics will ever stop me.  It's a state of mind, nothing more, nothing less.

When I was still personal training one of my top clients was a woman in her 60's.  She got to the point where she could do squats with 225lbs for reps!  Reps!  That's two plates on each side of the bar at age 65.

The second thing to address is to address what it is that you really want.  If you don't want to play team sports, then maybe you don't want to play team sports.  I wouldn't compare or contrast myself to anyone else as a result of this though.  Rather, I would figure out what it really is that I want in life.  What do you want Barry?

Decide what it is that you want and that is where you begin.  Perhaps you just want to stay in good shape...?  Perhaps you want to compete again...?  Perhaps you want to set a new record for yourself...?  Perhaps you want to relax for the next year...?  It's all up to you man.  What feels right for you?

I'll tell you one thing, you'll never hear me ever give my power away to any study or 'studies' because I refuse to live my life in accordance with what anyone else says or does, you know?  I recommend that you debate living the same way and see what happens :)

Let me know if you have some more specific questions Barry, happy to help...


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