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Aging/Knee Joint and Associated Muscle Pain


"I am an old man(65 year).I am very fond of walking,but presently constrained for the following
I regularly read medical articles.
I have some(little)knee pain(NOT MUCH),BUT HAVE GOT GOOD PAIN IN TIBIA(Front bone in between knee and foot)and heavy calf muscle pain which aggravates during walking.Leg veins are PROMINENT,NO SWELLING ANYWHERE.Whether the pain in Shin/Tibia is originating from knee OR other vein problem.My body structure is lean,Weight-62 Kg,Height-5 Ft 8 inches
A)Although there is no pain sometime while bending the knees some sound comes.If the problem radiates to lower limbs from Knee Arthritis whether X Ray will probably detect the cause
B)As the calf muscle pain is prominent whether there is Muscle Dystrophy due to Cartinine Deficiency.One Doctor has prescribed Carnisure(CARTININE SUPPLEMENT) without much improvement.
C)As the pain is in the lower portion(TIBIA and SHIN)whether there is less blood flow in lower limbs(Peripheral Artery Disease)which may be detected by BP of the ankle(ABI Index)and Doppler
D)As the pain is in the TIBIA region whether there is any problem of TIBIA NERVE Pain which may be detected by NCV Test
E)Again as the veins are prominent (BUT NO SWELLING)is there any chance of Varicose Vein of WHICH I HAVE NO IDEA
F)I only take BP medicines Attenol-25, Losartan-25 and Asprin-75 once daily each tablet
G)Again for PAD and Varicose Vein Walking should be done ,but for Knee Arthritis walking is
restricted.However as per advice I do Knee Exercise without STRAINING
I am very much worried.Please suggest


First, let me say that I am not a Medical Doctor so my advice is not 'medical' in nature.  In fact as a Holistic Rehabilitation Specialist I often steered people away from Medical Doctors.  This is due to the fact that, rather than help you to actually cure the problem, very often the doctors would simply prescribe medications.

This never helps things like 'knee pain' because the basis for the problem is physical functionality not something within your metabolism or biochemistry.  So, altering your biochemistry with meds will only break your body down in this case.

What you really need is to begin to create an anabolic environment within your body.  You do this by doing some weight training, cutting back sugar and sweets, getting good sleep, and also doing some high intensity cardio vascular work.

Now it sounds to me right now as if that may be difficult to begin for  you.  So, if you are suffering from knee pain you can't just jump right into all of these activities.  However, you can begin to get your life back on track by joining a gym.

For instance, when I was 17 years old I developed (for some reason still unknown) chronic knee pain.  It was so bad that I had to use ACE bandages and wrap my knees in order to go to work.  I only took them off when I got home.  Some days would not be so bad, but many days were terrible for me.  Often, I would have to use hand rails to go up and down stairs.  Can you imagine, at age 17!

So what I did was to begin to work around the problem.  I did not seek out someone to cure it for me because for some reason I inherently knew the drawbacks to getting addicted to meds.  I guess it's because I saw how it affected some of my family members and I knew I didn't want to go that route.  So, I joined a gym and began lifting weights.

A few years into it and I got some good advice from a chiropractor about two specific exercises called 'leg extensions' and 'leg curls' both of which are performed on specialized machines that you will only find in a gym.  When doing leg extensions I was directed to keep my toes pointed upwards throughout the entire range of motion.  When doing leg curls I was directed to keep my toes also pointed upwards (downwards if you do them prone; two types of leg curl machines, upright and prone).

Also, I recommend doing the 'inner thigh' adductor machine as well.  If you joined a gym and did 3 sets of 15 reps of each of these exercises 2xs/week you would see a difference in one week.  This is due to the fact that you will be activating the muscle and creating an anabolic metabolism within your body.  You will immediately begin to see a lessoning of pain and an increase in functionality.

Additionally, after a few weeks you will probably be able to get off of all those gross meds, yuck!  Your body hates them, trust me.

Ok my friend, I hope this helps.  I am aware that this means you will need to join a gym.  But, can you really put any price or inconvenience of going to a gym on your health and well being?

Answer, no.  


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