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Aging/Knee Pain and Related Muscle Pain


"I am an old man(65 year).I am very fond of walking,but presently constrained for the following
I regularly read medical articles.
I have some(little)knee pain(NOT MUCH),BUT HAVE GOT GOOD PAIN IN TIBIA(Front bone in between knee and foot)and heavy calf muscle pain which aggravates during walking.Leg veins are PROMINENT,NO SWELLING ANYWHERE.Whether the pain in Shin/Tibia is originating from knee OR other vein problem.My body structure is lean,Weight-62 Kg,Height-5 Ft 8 inches
A)Although there is no pain sometime while bending the knees some sound comes.If the problem radiates to lower limbs from Knee Arthritis whether X Ray will probably detect the cause
B)As the calf muscle pain is prominent whether there is Muscle Dystrophy due to Cartinine Deficiency.One Doctor has prescribed Carnisure(CARTININE SUPPLEMENT) without much improvement.
C)As the pain is in the lower portion(TIBIA and SHIN)whether there is less blood flow in lower limbs(Peripheral Artery Disease)which may be detected by BP of the ankle(ABI Index)and Doppler
D)As the pain is in the TIBIA region whether there is any problem of TIBIA NERVE Pain which may be detected by NCV Test
E)Again as the veins are prominent (BUT NO SWELLING)is there any chance of Varicose Vein of WHICH I HAVE NO IDEA
F)I only take BP medicines Attenol-25, Losartan-25 and Asprin-75 once daily each tablet
G)Again for PAD and Varicose Vein Walking should be done ,but for Knee Arthritis walking is
restricted.However as per advice I do Knee Exercise without STRAINING
I am very much worried.Please suggest

Hello Krishna

I, personally, do not like any form of pain. It is not for me. Let others do "no pain, no gain."

Picture in your mind your bone joints. They are rounded and smooth. As we go through life, our joints, with proper exercise, remain round and smooth. With improper movement and/or poor circulation, the joints become rough so when the bones move, their is friction in the joints.
This is repairable when you do aerobic exercises, which increases blood flow to the joints. The smoothness gradually returns.

It is important to realize that when you in the pain you describe, your choice of aerobics HAS to be where you are applying NO pressure to the joints when you exercise. Walking DOES apply pressure to the joints. So you feel pain.

I recommend that you get a stationary bicycle. Then you are sitting down, taking the weight of your body off your legs, while increasing blood flow and oxygen to your joints. I like the Schwinn Stationary Bike, but there is many to choose from. Some have entire seats for extended comfort.

Using the bike is simple; just 5-10 minutes in the morning, and again 5-10 minutes just before you go to bed. A little, goes a long way.

The knee stretching exercise before you use the bike will help. But not completely necessary. Movement on the bike will loosen up your leg muscles quickly. Walking, the muscles are always tight, to keep your balance good.

You SHOULD include weightlifting. Once a week. Pick up a couple of 1-gallon bottle of water and HOLD them for 1 minute. Keep your knees slightly bent, your back slightly bent, and your elbows slightly bent. This tightens up your muscles, with zero impact on your bone joints. Stronger muscles helps the bones work better. And it tightens up everything.

I hope this helps.  


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