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Aging/Is my youth over? I'm nearly 30!


I'm terrified of becoming old and a spinster woman!?

At what age is a woman past her sexual/physical peak?
I'm a 27 year old woman. I feel like i have very little time left to be "young".
I'm told I'm very attractive and look young for my age.

The thing is the thought of becomming all wrinkly and ugly depresses me. How much longer do i have to look good if i take care of myself?

I'm dating at the moment but i don't want to settle for just anyone. Will I become a spinster who is infertile 'cos she waited too long to find "prince charming"?

My friends are younger than me and always tease me about being older than them... I feel like my youth is over :(

most people i went to school with have all gotten married and started having kids... i feel like i've missed out.

Hello Charli

My first advice is; 'stop-beating-up-your-soul.' Others will be more than happy to do it for you. YOU have to be your best friend.

Second, stop comparing yourself to what others do, what others think. Remember; no matter where you are in your life, there will always be others better-off than you. And there will always be others worse-off than you. Focus on you. If 'friends' tease you about your age, those are not friends. That is just cruel. And age is really just a number. How you FEEL inside really determines your actual age.

Third. Having kids is NOT the only way to live life. Many people do not have children, and live just fine. My wife and I WAITED until we reached age 35 to have our son. We adopted.
WE decided our lives, not others. And we got a LOT of advice from family and friends. Remember; if they are paying your bills, then you listen to them...

Fourth. Understand the human body. Up to age 18-21, we are constantly growing up. After 18-21,
we slowly age. So slow, we do not even feel it. For the rest of our lives. At age 50, we begin to feel old. Caused by our metabolism slowing down. Slow metabolism also means lower blood flow. Which causes face wrinkling. A simple daily 5 minutes of massaging your face greatly reduces the wrinkling. Creams are the waste of time. Do facial massage.

I will use myself to give you an idea of your future:

My fear of growing-old came when I reached age 35. I figured by age 40, life was all 'downhill' for me. I live in a community of several retirees and I see DAILY how they physically look. And it is not good!!

So I decided to include DAILY exercise in my life schedule. Simple stretching, then basic aerobics. 5-15 minutes when I got up in the morning. Slowly, gradually, not only did I feel better, I actually started to LOOK better.

By age 40, I had something I never had before: internal calmness. I have always been stressed about life. THIS was definitely different, and better. Problems still rattled me, but considerably less.

By age 50, I looked damn good! People guessed that my age was 40. I FELT like age 35.

By age 60, I have the SAME body that I had at age 50. Even facial aging is considerably minimal compared to most other people who are also age 60. I look good, and feel good.

And to think that I was terrified at turning age 40. NOW I look forward to age 70, 80, and 90.

My life NOW is better than my entire youth. My youth was full of fear and confusion.

ALL from basic and simple stretching, aerobics, and later - once-a-week weightlifting.

26 years later, I am still exercising daily. I owe everything to my exercises.

No money, I begin to simply stretch. Then I included running-in-place. 100 steps. Takes less than 1 minute. As the years went by, I bought and used different exercise machines. Learned what works, what does not.

A great machine to buy FIRST is a 'gazelle.' Play-It-Again-Sports sells them used. I paid $99 for mine. GREAT investment and so easy to use. Less than 5 minutes a day.

Later came a Schwinn stationary bike. The stationary bike is the best aerobic machine to use. Based on strong science studies. $650. Ouch. But health is the most important thing in life.

Next came a horizontal leg press machine. I bought mine from New York Barbell. $950. I use light weights and lots of reps. Strong legs will keep you moving all your life. No matter how old you get.

Then came weights. I do them once a week. GRAVITY pulls everything down, lifting weights pulls everything back up again. Rule of life is; you exercise up to age 40 because you want to. You exercise after age 40 because you have to.

I hope this helps. May your future be GREAT.


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David Dickeson, A.S.


At age 33, I began to worry about "turning 40." I decided to do something - anything! - before I was 'over the hill' in life and health. I figured that once you turn "age 40," life was 'over,' and you spend the next 40 years rapidly aging and "falling apart." If you were lucky, the 'blessing' of death would come before it was too late!! I am now 62, retired at age 60 and I am enjoying life more than I ever had. How wrong - mentally - I was! When I became STRONGER - physically - everything got better for me. "Growing old" is NOT a 'natural process.' It is a terrible disease you have to FIGHT each day.


Proper exercise is the answer to "aging well." I have been exercising for 31 years and I have 'first-hand' experience at to what works, and what does not. Especially for older people like myself. Good health does NOT come from sitting in a stuffed chair, 'weightlifting' by lifting soup cans and watching "Murder She Wrote..." This was advised to me by a federal agency for aging seniors! GIVE me a BREAK!! You can also find me on Allexperts under weightlifting and "how to get what you want in life."

I have an Associate of Science Degree in General Business.

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