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Aging/No sex?


David, I am 55. In god general health, but taking medications for depression and hypertension. In the last few years my desire fpr sex has doiminished to almost nothing. I hardlt turn my head to look at a gals well turned body anymore. When I was in my 20's and 30's I was a sex maniac!
Is this normal? My wife is fine without it-she was neve had much desire to begin with. I am actually thankfull for this, as I know some men would be divorced fpor their lack of 'performance'.
Should I consider Viagra? Or just be fat and happy and getting old like I am now?
BTW I am exercising and eating better and looking better, but by no means a stud.

Hello Bud!

Great question!!

Stress is causing your depression and hypertension. Caused by lowering metabolism. Happens to all of us as we get older.

I cannot emphasize enough that 5 minutes of aerobic exercising daily, will make an amazing improvement on you and your health. Something as simple as "running in place" is an exercise we ALL can do. You run, but do not move forward. Taking light steps, count 1-2-3 as your right foot goes down to the floor. Moving your arms side-to-side while 'running.' When you count 100 steps down, stop. It takes about 1 MINUTE to do 100 steps. Do 1-3 times a day. Morning, noon, and night. You can do this exercise any where.

I use to do it in the men's room at work because I had a very high stress job. I am retired now so I use a combination of weight and aerobic equipment in my home, and a 1-day trip to the gym for about 30 minutes.

A little, goes a long way. Especially with exercise.

This is definitely normal. The reason is evolution. Our ancestors did not live much past the age of 35. We were OLD by then. We did not want to be having children at a old age. No around afterwards to take care of them. So the desire and ability to have sex, quickly ended.

Viagra will definitely work. But you need a prescription. And Viagra is a big money maker. So it is NOT cheap. You may, or may not, get a cheaper price if your insurance company will foot most of the bill. Each insurance is different.

Definitely be happy in your older years. But not fat! Again, slow metabolism. Live to have a long life no matter how old you are. We all got the "stud" factor when we are in our 20's.

Women are more than happy to have a companion, a best friend, their entire lives. Not how your performance is in bed, at 40, 50, and older. They DO want a happy and strong, healthy man by their side. My own personal experience; my wife and I have been together for 43 years.

I am now 61, retired at 60, and I have plans for the next 59 years. And free coffee at McDonalds is NOT on my list of goals!! I am still exercising, 26 years and counting.

Remember; God thinks of everything. No more 'soldier-at-attention?' for us older guys? That is why God gave us HANDS. Forplay. Even that was considered by our creator.

PS Know why we look at other women? Again, go back to our ancestors. People were few, and far between. So when we did encounter a good looking female, we thought; strong and healthy female! She would give strong children!! We still instinctively think this, but as George Burns, the comedian once said at age 80 - "I still chase girls. I just cannot remember WHY!"

Have a great week. Thanks for the question!  


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At age 33, I began to worry about "turning 40." I decided to do something - anything! - before I was 'over the hill' in life and health. I figured that once you turn "age 40," life was 'over,' and you spend the next 40 years rapidly aging and "falling apart." If you were lucky, the 'blessing' of death would come before it was too late!! I am now 62, retired at age 60 and I am enjoying life more than I ever had. How wrong - mentally - I was! When I became STRONGER - physically - everything got better for me. "Growing old" is NOT a 'natural process.' It is a terrible disease you have to FIGHT each day.


Proper exercise is the answer to "aging well." I have been exercising for 31 years and I have 'first-hand' experience at to what works, and what does not. Especially for older people like myself. Good health does NOT come from sitting in a stuffed chair, 'weightlifting' by lifting soup cans and watching "Murder She Wrote..." This was advised to me by a federal agency for aging seniors! GIVE me a BREAK!! You can also find me on Allexperts under weightlifting and "how to get what you want in life."

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