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I was wondering would you please tell me: is it a fact that a young person can forget how to do something after a long time of doing that particular thing?

If the answer is "yes, it is a fact" would you be able to explain to me why does that happen?

(P.S would you please try to give your answer in a easy way that I can understand)

Hello Cameron

Our memories are like a two drawer file cabinet. In one 'cabinet,' things we remember and do all the time, are stored for quick and easy access. In the 2nd 'cabinet,' things we did before, but have not done for a long time; that is where those memories are stored.

Ride a bike when you are young. Grow up and bike riding is something you have not done for a while, into the 2nd file cabinet goes that memory. As an adult, you get back on a bike, stumble along, as your brain frantically "looks" in the 2nd file cabinet to find and remember, the "how" to ride a bike.

You stumble along, and slowly you start to ride better and better, more confident, and off-you-go, riding like you rode when you were little. The bike-riding file is now back in cabinet 1.

What we do know is; we remember everything. Just most of what remember is in file 2. And we know that chemicals in our brain are what makes our memories. What we do not know is HOW those chemicals make our memories. Not a clue to as to that works!

Great question. Thanks. Have a memorable day.


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