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So for the past month and a week or  so i have been  over thinking about  how  much time i have left (i just turned 15) and over worrying that im gonna waste my life away. And  when i think abput duping istart to freak out and feel depressed, ive cryed alot. Its geting in the way of me livong and i want to  stop it in its tracks, i dont want to waste my time worrying about it. Even right know thinking about how one day im not gonna be here. I would ask my mom to take me to the doctors but i dont want the whole family to know or for my mom to think Im crazy. How can i stop worrying? I want to forget about this . It also started when i got hover a horrible  fever of witch i had  nightmares from. Could it be becuz i dont get out much and i dont see the sun much becuz of the winter? Will it pass? I speand alot of time on my phone too.

Hello Sarah

When people lived in the 1900's, they lived about 35 years, and then they were dead. So they were taught, learned, by age 21, if you have not established a successful life, then you were doomed to a failure-filled and very short life span, future, ahead of you. This was embraced with a lot of anguish and fear so this time in our history of life was not very pleasant.

But times changed. People lived longer, and longer. Now the average age is 85-95. But we are still embracing life as it was in 1900. And we have learned a LOT on what we can do to make all those years to be good, not sick and horrible before death.

What we can do, what a lot of people do, what I do (26 years and counting), and what YOU can do, is this;

1. Aerobic exercising.
2. Weightlifting.

First the WHY do both. At any age.

We live in a very fast world. Everything is hurry up. Everything changes all the time. This causes amazing stress on all of us. You are feeling it, just like every one else.

All this stress attacks the body. We are tense all the time. Tense causes blood flow to drop. So your body is lacking enough oxygen to maintain good health. By doing aerobics, you relax the body, so your blood flow stays good. Which makes you just FEEL better. Inner calm is the best way to describe it.

Now include aging in this. Up to age 18-21 you are finally grown-up. What you see is what you get, for the rest of your life. From age 18-21 your body does a gradual and slow decline in strength and health. Your metabolism is going slower and slower.

By doing aerobics, you constantly push the metabolism up. Aerobics is as easy as running-in-place, gently moving you feet up and down and moving your arms side to side. Count 1-2-3, and so on as your right foot goes down to the floor. When you reach 100 steps, stop. Takes less than 1 minute of your time. Do once a week and you will be fine. Do your entire life.

Now we have to deal with gravity. Gravity constantly pulls our entire bodies down. Especially the muscles. Our muscles hold all our internal organs together so they will work great. As you grow older, the ever-dropping organs get weaker and weaker. By weightlifting, you keep pulling everything back up. So you feel better, look better; more tight.

Find something heavy to pick up. Even two 1-gallon bottles of water will work. To your brain, weight is weight. Pick up something, keep your back slightly bent, your elbows bent, and your knees bent and then HOLD the weight for 1 minute. By bending your joints, your muscles hold the weight, not your bones. Do this also once a week.

And finally, your future. Take a piece of paper and write down everything you want to do with your life. Home, family, jobs, careers, health, life and so on. Share this with NO ONE. Every time you share such a list with others, they will tell you all the reasons why what you want, will never happen, and then you quit, before you even try. Put your list in an envelope and seal it to be opened 1 year later. Open it a year later and you will be amazed as to how many things you wrote down, have come true for you. Add more to your list, reseal the envelope for another year.

Now make another list! Write down everything that you are worried about. A 85 year old man, entertainer, talked about doing this one to a high school. He said seal the envelope, open it 1 year later, and read what you wrote down. He said most of what you were worried about, no longer existed. You will have a new group of things to worry about. I did it, and it was true.
Nothing I worried about was true any more. I had all new worries. Worries are always with us.

And good times are always with us, too.

The phone is a great relaxer. Good to talk to others.

Yes, winter will pass. Life is like a roller coaster ride. Up and down, up and down. Good times and bad. None last forever. If we had all bad; we would not enjoy the good. If we had all good, we would not endure the bad.

As soon as you can, get an annual flu shot. I got the flu every year. Started getting flu shots 15 years ago, have not had any flu since.

As for death, your goal should be; just before death, to look back and say, wow, I did a lot of things!

Mine will be a lot of theater movies, a lot of trips to theme parks, a lot of days at the beach, a lot of wonderful pets, wonderful wife, great son, and great career. I've got 59 years to go. I plan to enjoy all of them.


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David Dickeson, A.S.


At age 33, I began to worry about "turning 40." I decided to do something - anything! - before I was 'over the hill' in life and health. I figured that once you turn "age 40," life was 'over,' and you spend the next 40 years rapidly aging and "falling apart." If you were lucky, the 'blessing' of death would come before it was too late!! I am now 62, retired at age 60 and I am enjoying life more than I ever had. How wrong - mentally - I was! When I became STRONGER - physically - everything got better for me. "Growing old" is NOT a 'natural process.' It is a terrible disease you have to FIGHT each day.


Proper exercise is the answer to "aging well." I have been exercising for 31 years and I have 'first-hand' experience at to what works, and what does not. Especially for older people like myself. Good health does NOT come from sitting in a stuffed chair, 'weightlifting' by lifting soup cans and watching "Murder She Wrote..." This was advised to me by a federal agency for aging seniors! GIVE me a BREAK!! You can also find me on Allexperts under weightlifting and "how to get what you want in life."

I have an Associate of Science Degree in General Business.

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