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Aging/Weekend couch potato?


Hi David
I am 55, in pretty good health. Overweight, but it is coming down with a good diet, and a daily workout.
I was wondering if you thought it is normal to spend the weekends just puttering around the house, and taking lots of naps.
My excuse it that my weekdays are busy. I get up at 9pm, have a 30 minute workout(cardio and weights), drive a bus from 11 am until 7 pm (busy city, lots of 'annoying people), come home, make my own dinner, do a few things, in bed by 11. I love being able to relax at HOME with just my wife, as most days I travel all over, talking to lots of people. Thanks for your thoughts!

Hey Bud

You EARNED the weekend off.
Just make sure you are doing things with your wife on the weekend. Those two days are "two-together" time for you and your wife. Restaurant, movie theater, grocery shopping, etc. together is important for your relationship. Even if the two of you are watching tv together. It is time TOGETHER.

Don't you just 'love' people who run lights and stop signs right-in-front-of-you?  


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At age 33, I began to worry about "turning 40." I decided to do something - anything! - before I was 'over the hill' in life and health. I figured that once you turn "age 40," life was 'over,' and you spend the next 40 years rapidly aging and "falling apart." If you were lucky, the 'blessing' of death would come before it was too late!! I am now 62, retired at age 60 and I am enjoying life more than I ever had. How wrong - mentally - I was! When I became STRONGER - physically - everything got better for me. "Growing old" is NOT a 'natural process.' It is a terrible disease you have to FIGHT each day.


Proper exercise is the answer to "aging well." I have been exercising for 31 years and I have 'first-hand' experience at to what works, and what does not. Especially for older people like myself. Good health does NOT come from sitting in a stuffed chair, 'weightlifting' by lifting soup cans and watching "Murder She Wrote..." This was advised to me by a federal agency for aging seniors! GIVE me a BREAK!! You can also find me on Allexperts under weightlifting and "how to get what you want in life."

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