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Agriculture/tree encircled land depression


QUESTION: tree encircled land depressions. i've noticed in farming fields and woodlands there are large circular and oval pits in the soil and often trees growing around and sparsely down the pitting. i wondering is it a man made thing or something to do with the trees or soil?

ANSWER: Michael
Not knowing where you live or how big they are, it could be caused by different ways. It could be from glacer, wind, old river beds, old springs or man made. How much more information could you give me?

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land depression
land depression  
QUESTION: i live in U.K. in south east of the country in a new town with country side other side of a dual carriage way and quite a few farms dotted around. we've found alot of the depressions in the farming fields. I've attached a pic of an example of what i'm talking about.

I'm like you, the unknown. It would only be a guess of what might cause this without having a hands on look and knowing the past history of the area. Have you asked any of the local people? Sometimes information is passed down and then forgot about until someone brings it up. I would hate to give a guess and then you find out different. Good luck in your quest.


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