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Agriculture/why do big companies like dole make more money than the farmers


Why do dole make so much more money than the farmers who grow the crops.

Dear Dan,

Sadly agriculture is no longer the backbone of the American economy.  Money is and with no standard for our currency, it's a weak, weak backbone.  Basically farmers, even big operators, have entered an agreement with with distributors.  Farmers do not sell directly to consumers, therefore the "middle man" determines the price to the farmer and the cost to the consumer.

Most farmers are limited by geography as to the crops they raise, so there is a general price for their particular crop.  Dole, on the other hand, can ship it world wide and set their price far and above in areas the crops won't grow.

Basically, in a nutshell.  People think food comes from the grocery store, and many are clueless about the farm.  Most farmers, to survive have gone "big operation" with minimal variety in their crops, so The Market sets the prices.  

Sadly, when the economy shakes again, many will be very sorry they don't know a farmer.

I wish you well.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz


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