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I have a chrome-plated steel tray that I would like to permanently place over one of the wire racks in my refrigerator.  Is there any concern about chrome-plated steel in cold temperatures - such as rust?  Would this cause any problems or affect the food in my refrigerator?

Thank you.

Chromium is a plating. It is generally applied to steel. Over time it will wear off and expose the steel underneath, which will rust in a wet environment like a refrigerator. Thing is that it will probably take years for you to notice it.
Don't worry about the contamination of your food, as any chrome removed will be very fine particulate which will adhere to the bottom of the containers, and over time, you won't even notice it.
About the only way that the small amount of chrome could hurt you was if you first dissolved it in acid to get it off the steel, or ground it off, and then ate it. It's really no problem and should not be of concern.

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