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My father recently purchased a domestic ticket on AA with one layover in Dallas.  The flight departed at 6:50am with what he thought was a nine hour layover, arriving his destination at 7:40pm (with time change).

However, when he forwarded me his itinerary, I realized the flight actually had a 33 hour layover (departing the next day and 9 hours later)!  He had NO IDEA and when he called AA to adjust, they charged him over $400 to adjust WITHOUT the option of refund.  Unfortunately, he had booked the flight October 28th and didn't realize the mistake until November 8th.

Is this legal? Is there any recourse?  I travel at least once a month and I've never seen anything like this happen.

Dear Anne,

I don't know which channel your father used to book and buy this ticket and assuming that was online, unfortunately when the transaction is complete you agree and are exposed to all terms and conditions governing such. If it was via a travel agent you can try to revert such loss since the person who booked did not realize the day change indicator on the itinerary.

Best Regards,
R. Gomes  

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