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Air Travel/travel to peru: how to know if $200 fees+taxes charged w/ airline ticket include that country's airport or national fee?


I am traveling to Peru on and have been told sometimes before the return flight, the government or airport there will require a $50 fee, although my United ticket includes $200 fees and taxes charge, which is explained below:

"Travel between the United States and non-United States destinations and between non-United States destinations

[some info skipped]
"Non-U.S. government ticket taxes, fees and airport charges may add up to $160 per ticket.

Is there any way to know if those charges include what I may be charged in Lima, Peru?


Dear Greg,

From the top of my head I see some of these taxes applied to your journey...

U.S. Excise Tax, Passenger Facility Charges, Sep 11th Security Fees, Peru arrival and departure taxes, US arrival inspection fees.
Also some of local country taxes based on sales price range from 3% to 22% of fare depending on local country of purchase and itinerary.
Finally governments of some countries charge a fee for reservations ticketed online or through other channels.

Sorry but I don not have the breakdown for these. Please call the reservations desk of the airline that you bought the tickets and they can confirm it.

Best Regards,
R. Gomes  

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