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I've got a couple general questions one one you may be able to shed some light on.

I know most airlines have a two carryon limit. I usually fly delta. I usually bring my laptop and CPAP. But I also want to bring on my next flight a meal prep cooler so that I can keep some of my medications and supplements cold (and actually be able to bring them.) Am I going to be able to keep all three of those with carryon or am I going to have to check one of them? Should I possibly pack my cooler in my checked bag because it's going to have liquid in it?

Also, I'm going to be moving to NYC at the first of the year. I'm moving from Alabama. I'm making plans right now. I'm going to be taking my dog with me. He's a bulldog/lab mix and about 75 or so lbs. Am I going to have any trouble flying with him? What kind of crate am I going to need?

Dear Ryan,

Lets go by parts:

Delta cabin baggage regulations allows:
1 purse, briefcase, camera bag or diaper bag
or 1 laptop computer (computers cannot be checked)
or 1 item of a similar or smaller size to those listed above
Additional Approved Items
The following items do not count as personal items (they’re freebies):
A jacket or umbrella
Food or drink purchased after clearing the security checkpoint
Duty-free merchandise
Special items like strollers, child restraint seats or assistive devices such as wheelchairs or crutches.
So if you believe you can store your meal on your purse you will be fine.

Your dog won't be fitting on a kennel which can be accomodated under the seat in front of you. In this case, it must be checked. You will need to book it at least 48 hours before departure.
Check the link below for more information on restrictions applied to health, kennel, weather and breed:

Hope this helps.
Best Regards,
R. Gomes

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