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Heidi Hendricks wrote at 2007-08-21 05:06:51
In response to your friend worrying about snakes in Alaska, the previous response in absolutely correct.  I've lived in Alaska my entire life and have (unfortunately) never come across a snake... And I was born and raised in Southeast.  Though I've never heard of turtles being seen in the wild, we most definitely have toads, frogs, and a wide variety fish and mammals including deer, moose, BEARS etc.  Growing up with a father as a commercial fisherman, I've even seen sand sharks, or as we call them salmon sharks, reaching 5-6 feet in length.  Anyways, Alaska is an amazing place to live- and I am sure your friend will love the laid back atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings.  I now live near Wasilla, and I have to agree with the first posting- Palmer (which 5-10 min outside Wasilla- Is probably one of my favorite places too!  

rickrydell wrote at 2009-02-17 15:34:55

Sorry to correct you  but there are garder snakes in South Central Alaska and Bristol Bay too. I have personally seen and caught them at remote camps in both locations. They are not numerous but they exist.

john kinzel wrote at 2014-05-14 19:45:25
Did the alaskan snow snake get wiped out. They were good eating.


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